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At Elite Energy Construction, safety is number one. As a leader in our industry, we’re committed to delivering efficient installs in the safest manner possible. It is our priority that any individual who steps site on our projects makes it home to their families at the end of each day.

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Skylight Safety

Skylights are one of the major hazards in commercial and industrial solar. Our team utilizes two major techniques to avert any incidents - scaffolding/guardrail or OSHA approved skylight safety nets.

A more favored and cost effective solution is the OSHA approved skylight safety net (pictured). These nets are great solutions for non-smoke ventilating skylights. A great solution for most projects.

Leading Edge Fall Hazards

Leading edge roofs are a great hazard in our industry. Our OSHA trained personnel will devise site specific safety plans to avoid these hazards.

Of the many solutions our preferred method is parapet guardrail. This solution allows for free movement on the roof without being slowed by a harness or the trip hazard of a lanyard, in turn, allowing for a safer, faster, and more efficient install.

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Penetrator web.jpg

Fall Arrest/Protection

Not only are the above safety solutions crucial for installation, but the set up of these  solutions can be a hazard in it of itself. However, we have a solution to this.

Our fall protection roof cart makes for the installation of guardrail, warning lines, or skylight safety a much more seamless and safer solution. By eliminating the need to install roof anchors our cart prevents us from ever causing unnecessary damage to you or your client's roof.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our team prides itself in staying safe. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the first step. Elite Energy install teams will always have the required PPE when on site, whether its boots, gloves, or a safety vest and hard hat, you can trust all individuals on site will be protected.

Set of PPE's, Safety Glasses, Reflective
Occupational Safety and Health Administr

General Safety/Training

Our staff stays safe year round through OSHA approved trainings and classes. Site leaders keep a minimum of OSHA-10 training, as well as all required heavy equipment certifications and first aid.

COVID-19 Protection

As an essential business in the energy sector it is our responsibility as contractors to go the extra mile to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our team has multiple guards in place to protect our employees and clients from the risk of infection.

Among the many protocols in place are daily temperature and health screenings, masks protocol, and creating an environment that promotes social distancing whenever possible. You and your clients shall rest assured that they will be safe upon visiting our projects.

Covid 19
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